Benefits of joing a car club


When your thinking about joining a car club there are a few things which should  be considered. Are you wanting a small, active, friendly club? Or would you prefer to be part of a larger club that doesn’t require the same level of involvement?

At a national level, there are many clubs to join but these are mostly marque specific such as the MG Owners Club and Triumph Sports Six Club.  These clubs cost on average £30-35 per year to be a member of, but for handing over your hard earned cash you will receive an (usually) informative and (sometimes) interesting magazine each month. This works out to a yearly subscription to one of the many classic car publications but membership also has the following advantages:-

  • Special “Club” discounted car insurance from many brokers.

  • Access to a large stock of sometimes hard to come by spares.

  • Technical expertise to call on if required.

  • Monthly magazine with marque specific articles and event reports.

  • Access to the club forums. This is a great place to get information an chat with like minded folk

  • National events organized throughout the year.

  • “Classic Holidays” are sometimes organized at special rates.


At a local level, there are many clubs, some being marque specific and others being open to all vintage vehicles. These offer a more social aspect of classic car ownership as most clubs have monthly meetings where members can get together and chat about their cars among other things. These local clubs also offer a variety of interesting and exciting events of their own. Such as car shows, "supper" runs, treasure hunts and road rallies.  

Local clubs can offer:-

  • Social evenings

  • Hands on help from other members

  • Monthly newsletters to keep you up to date on local events

  • Varied and diverse events program

  • You can be involved to various levels within the club, from being a passive member to organizing events.

Quite often people choose to be members of both national and local clubs as this gives you the opportunity to get the most out of the classic car community and no doubt further your enjoyment of classic ownership.

It is well worth taking the time to look at what clubs are available in your area.