Beginners Guide to eBay

Beginners Guide to Ebay

Follow these 5 basic steps to buying and start discovering some great deals on on classic cars and parts! the below guide will take you through registration, how to find what you're looking for, reviewing the item, bidding for or buying your item and how to pay the seller.

Register on!

Step 1. - Registration

In order to bid or buy you need to register on eBay. It's easy and FREE!

Simply click on the Register link at the top of any page and complete the registration form.

Once you've completed the form you will receive a
confirmation email from eBay to the email address you submitted during the registration process. Simply follow the instructions to complete your registration.

Step 2. - Finding what your looking for

There are two ways to find what you're looking for on eBay:

Browsing: If you want to see what eBay has to offer, Browse the categories listed on the homepage. Click on the category you are interested in or select the Browse button on the navigation bar to display the full category list.

Searching: If you're looking for something specific the simplest way to find it is to Search. Type keywords into the search box that best describe what you are looking for or select search link on the navigation bar for more advanced search options.

A list of items that match your search will be displayed. To narrow down the search, select a Matching Category.


Step 3. Reviewing the item and the seller

Make sure you know what you are buying and who is selling it.

Once you find a listing that interests you, click on it to view details of the item and find out as much as you can.

Click on the below auctions to see what a live auction page looks like

Read the item description completely including information about accepted payment methods, postage costs and any returns policy.

Check the Sellers reputation by clicking on the Feedback rating besides the Sellers User ID (this is a number in brackets). Read what other buyers have said about the seller's reliability, product quality and level of service.


Step 4. - Bidding and Buying

Once you've found the item you want to buy, decide the maximum you're willing to pay and how you'd like to buy it.

Place A Bid: Enter the highest price you are prepared to pay for the item and eBay's proxy bidding system will bid on your behalf, only as much as is needed for you to stay the highest bidder.

Buy It Now: If you see Buy It Now on a listing, you can buy the item instantly at that price stated by the seller. There's no bidding involved!


Step 5. - Paying for your item

After you have won or purchased the item either contact to the seller or check the seller's listing or email invoice to find out what the preferred payment method is, and where you should send your payment. The seller will only send the item to you once they have received payment, so ensure that you pay quickly.

If the seller offers PayPal then simply click on the Pay Now button and complete eBay's Checkout process. PayPal is free for buyers, your card details are never shared with the seller and it allows you to send payment immediately, meaning the faster the seller receives payment, the faster you'll receive your item!

Once the item arrives, check it thoroughly to make sure it fits the item description and has arrived in good condition. If you are pleased with your purchase, leave the Seller Feedback and encourage them to do the same for you.